Boston Marathon Mom


I’ve tried to write this post several times and I just can’t find the words to describe the amazing time I had or to express my gratitude to my mom. Also to finally get to be an official member of Team RunningSkirts was thrilling to say the least. I do wish my race had gone better and my finish time had been a whole lot faster. Not going to dwell on the things I can’t change. There will always be another race…and more RunningSkirts to wear.


Mom was awesome this weekend as she gamely trekked all over Boston with me. We set up base camp again at this year at the Parker House Hotel. It’s a fabulous location for its proximity to all the marathon events plus it’s home to the Boston Cream Pie.


Despite a small marathon to run, we managed to take advantage of all Boston had to offer Patriot’s Day weekend. I ran the BAA 5k Saturday morning and then we went out to Fenway for the Red Sox game. Good news is the Red Sox won! Also made mom go on the Sam Adams Brewery tour and then spend this rest of the day fighting crowds at the New England Aquarium. And that was after she spent ALL day on Monday standing in the sun at the finish line waiting for me.

Mom, thank you for all your support and for helping to make my Boston Marathon weekend completely unforgettable.




Happy Running!



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I'm a runner first and foremost. I love all things running and racing. I support my addiction to RunningSkirtsĀ® and racing as a flight attendant.
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