OPR Glory

It’s only taken me  two years but I finally made it to one of the Ogden Pub Runners weekly runs…and I’m so happy I did! 

I’m a typically solo runner. My runs most days are my exclusively me time. It’s my time to organize my thoughts and plan for the day ahead.  I like being able to just take in the scenery and not worry about whether I’m running either too fast or too slow for the people around me. I run early in the morning partly to have the trail to myself most of th way. Although, there is a certain comnraderie when passing others out at that time of day. I have my “friends” on the trail. People I see regularly and look forward to seeing them. 

With that being said, I really enjoyed running with a group. Hard to get over the feeling that I should be putting in an all out effort as the only time I usually group run is in a race. I loved hanging out with a bunch of runners, all with similar goals. It was the Pre-Ogden Marathon Party, after all, and most will be running either the half or full marathon on Saturday. It was a nice change for me as I struggle with the taper this week and the changes in my regular routine.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect as most of the group runs together every week. They made me feel incredibly welcome. Okay, the fact that some were not strangers to me helped. We did go to high school together…and elementary school, should we choose to admit it.

Running with OPR has been something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. My schedule makes it so hard to be a part of just about everything.  I have committed to not making this run a one time thing. Now that I have found my joy in running once more, it’s these small changes to my normal routine that will help me maintain it. 

I will be back and look forward to running with the Ogden Pub Runners, again! Thank you, OPR!


About runs in skirts

I'm a runner first and foremost. I love all things running and racing. I support my addiction to RunningSkirtsĀ® and racing as a flight attendant.
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