Running with Strangers

It is with great uncertainty that I approached running the Ragnar Wasatch Back last weekend. Running it has long been a dream of mine. However, I am a diehard solo runner. Running is my me time and my hour of escape each day. I had no idea what to expect from running with a team of 11 other people, of traversing 200ish miles and spending nearly 2 days stuck in a van with 5 total strangers.

Who knew you needed so much stuff for a race…and this is only part of it?!

Standing at the start line and cheering for our first runner, I realized that I was getting the opportunity to see a side of racing that I typically don’t get to see. I’m usually the one behind the line waiting to run. Having the chance to cheer and and support other runners was fantastic. Have my own personal support team on the course was kind of nice, too. 😀

I completely understand now why people are diehard Ragnarians. I don’t know that I am dying to race another, but would happily run one again if afforded the opportunity.  In some ways, for me, it was too much like working…sleeping when you can, eating whatever you’ve packed, running sleep deprived, living out of a bag and being stuck in a vehicle.

The views of the Wasatch Back were absolutely amazing. I grew up here and usually take the mountains in my backyard for granted. Used only for judging the seasons by the amount of snow on the mountains. Yes, I felt a fool for taking tons of pic, but with views a like these how can you not?

The cliche is true…you enter as strangers and come out as friends. Here we are on the lookout for our last runner, so we can finish as a team.


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I'm a runner first and foremost. I love all things running and racing. I support my addiction to RunningSkirts® and racing as a flight attendant.
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