Recovery week

Post marathon…the lazy week of marathon recovery that I picture in my head, never seems to actually happen. I have dreams of sleeping in and spending endless hours on the couch binge watching Netflix or lounging poolside all day working on my tan. Instead, I wake up at the same early hour desperate to go for a run. I managed 3 days of no run before going stir crazy.

My dog basket for my bike finally came. I admit I harbored some anxiety about the dog actually liking the basket. Turns out I take it out of the box, put him in it and he curls up and goes right to sleep. Lol

He loves going for bike rides and has become quite the hit in the neighborhood. I do all the work and he gets all the attention.
It’s been nice to supplement my miles while recovering and enjoy it a whole lot more than I anticipated. Today, I finally managed a full run. Weather was perfect and my legs felt much better than anticipated. Finished my run up with an hour of yoga and a 6 mile ride with my little stowaway. So much for easy recovery week. 

My reward for all my hard work was an unexpected pink package from my RunningSkirts family…nice little trucker hat for my birthday. Much cooler for my hot summer runs than the baseball caps I typically run in. Looking forward to a test run. 

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About runs in skirts

I'm a runner first and foremost. I love all things running and racing. I support my addiction to RunningSkirts® and racing as a flight attendant.
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